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AKC Yorkie Puppy Cuddles Available! 🥰

Yorkie puppies napping

AKC Yorkie Puppy Cuddles Available! I have updated the Puppy Parlor page, so go take a look! Our Yorkshire Terriers come in a variety of colors, and many are represented here. Due to some folks on our waitlist having life issues, we have some puppies that are actually available for sale, so here’s your chance! This doesn’t happen very often, as anyone following us knows. …

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The Puppy Parlor is Full!

We had a completely unexpected blessing with our litters…a rare solid chocolate bonanza! Due to the wait some of you have had for Traditionals, we felt it was only right to offer these boys to our Waitlist folks first, at their original prices.  These solid boys normally are snapped up by breeders at much higher prices, as they are Traditionals with the Chocolate gene dominant, …


The Quiet Before the Storm…

It’s quiet here while we watch for signs of pregnancy…and we’re enjoying it while we can! We have bred EIGHT girls total!!! All litters are due throughout March. Introducing Buffy, my fabulous dreamgirl…she’s gorgeous and knows it!😂 I’m looking forward to seeing what she produces with Louie this March.


March Yorkie Puppies

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, between my knee replacement surgery (again), and girls going into heat! To those on the Waitlist, happy day! To those waiting in the wings, I have unfrozen the Waitlist! We have bred EIGHT girls between my partner and I, all due throughout March. All breedings have concentrated on producing Traditionals, though other colors will be born too. As …


Busy Yorkie New Year!

The fabulous Lil’ Louis is one busy and happy boy for the next couple of weeks! Six girls have gone into heat, all being bred to him. There are an additional three girls that are due to go into heat the first week of March. On that note, I’d like to introduce Lil’ Rio, a son of Louie that will be starting to stud this …


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

THANK GOODNESS! Girls have started going into heat! All to be bred to Louie for traditional yorkies, though of course other colors will show up. First girl has been bred, next girl will be ready in a few days. Two more girls are just starting, with one more I’m not sure on yet. Just wanted to update and keep everyone in the loop. Looks like …

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Such Adorable Yorkie Puppies!

Puppy from Iris x Finn litter 09/11/22

I believe Iris and Finn have outdone themselves again with this beautiful litter of AKC Yorkshire Terrier puppies. One boy and four girls, all with gorgeous markings, and now ready for their new homes. I held them back an extra week due to size, but they are now ready for my anxiously waiting puppy parents! Check out all their pictures under Puppy Parlor. For those …

Our Puppies

Yorkie Puppies!

I just took updated pics of these two lovely AKC Yorkshire Terrier puppies from Litter 1 and they are just SO FLUFFY!!! They are Blonde Chocolate Parti’s, which is a difficult color to breed for, and will be medium sized yorkies, 5 to 6.5 lbs. Between their unusual color combination and gorgeous coats, this boy and girl will be stunners! Yorkie puppies are awesome!

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