The website is almost ready to go live again, and I will have it finished soon! My site has been the same for several years, so it was time to get this redesign done! I love playing with web design! Just wanted to let everyone know that the wait is almost over, for the website AND new litters. So in the meantime, for new folks:

Hi there! I’m a breeder of AKC Yorkshire Terriers in standard and non-standard colors. Yorkies have the most wonderful combination of personality traits! I breed ONLY Yorkshire Terriers, and have been doing so for 13 years. While I do have Traditionals (Black/Tan), I also specialize in color genetics, producing Parti-color, Chocolate, Blonde, and Sable. My dogs average 4-5 lbs, and I often have dogs in the 3-4 lb range.


…you also might want to know:

I started Twitterpate Yorkies in 2008, and I have been providing quality AKC Yorkshire Terriers to the public ever since. This is a love of mine, and I do not have a kennel. My dogs are raised in my home and underfoot, with plenty of socialization. I am located in Chester, SC, conveniently between Charlotte, NC and Columbia, SC. The yorkies and I are currently happily renovating an old rambling Victorian house with the help of our cats, Siri and Alexa.


See you soon!