Waitlist is determined by date of deposit, sex, and color. Being placed on the Waitlist requires a $250 deposit, which is credited to your purchase price. Prices are $2500-$3500. Specialty color combos and tiny’s are more. Our dogs are generally small, averaging 4 lbs.

Deposits are payable thru Zelle (803-833-2879), CashApp ($Twitterpate), or check (to Dava McCall). Deposits are nonrefundable. Remaining balance is due in cash when you pick up your puppy. Due to the demand for our puppies, the Waitlist may be periodically frozen at our discretion.


G. Williamson (4-5 lb)A. Dingle (4-5 lbs)
S. Rossner (5-7 lb)C. McCoy (3 lbs)
R. Camara (3-4 lb)H. Allcox (4-5 lbs)
D. Pettaway (4-5 lb)A. Bogorodskaia (4-5 lbs)
T. Davis (4-5 lb)T. Alston (3-4 lbs)
C. Ross (3-4 lb)


J. Cummins (4-6 lb)C. Murphy (4-6 lb + pic)
E. Ricciardi (4-5 lb)C. Graham (4-6 lb)
D. Tucker (3-4 lb)
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