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The Puppy Parlor is Full!

We had a completely unexpected blessing with our litters…a rare solid chocolate bonanza! Due to the wait some of you have had for Traditionals, we felt it was only right to offer these boys to our Waitlist folks first, at their original prices. 

These solid boys normally are snapped up by breeders at much higher prices, as they are Traditionals with the Chocolate gene dominant, and all carry the Parti gene. If you have been on the Waitlist and would like one of the chocolates instead, please text or email me with your 1st and 2nd choice. This is not a color you see everyday, so please let me know!

We also have beautiful Tricolor males and females, a male and female Blonde Chocolate Parti, and a male Traditional.

All puppies currently available are posted on the Puppy Parlor page. They are grouped by when they will be 8 weeks old.

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